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The 12,000-acre Caroni Swamp, located in West Trinidad, is the largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago and home to one of the country’s National Birds, the protected Scarlet Ibis. The Caroni Swamp is traversed by pirogues which carry visitors through winding pathways as they observe the ecologically diverse number of species including crabs, snakes, caiman and other animals that make their home there.

What to expect

Simon and Winston’s concern for the protection of the Scarlet Ibis was growing. In 1948, Simon and Winston collected signatures of over 200 people, many of whom were very influential and a petition was sent to the Conservator of forests for consideration. Due to the overwhelming support, a Sanctuary (known as the Caroni Bird Sanctuary) was created and the Scarlet Ibis gained some protection.