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Magnificence in Motion.

Turtle watching is a moving experience as you are witness to a ritual that is thousands of years old. Female Leatherbacks lay their eggs on sandy beaches, usually during the night. They typically lay about 110 eggs at a time and will instinctively return to the
same beach in successive years to nest.

Leatherback sea turtles are considered vulnerable to poaching and illegal harvesting by humans due to their large size.

Their nesting patterns are also affected by the artificial lighting that emanates from buildings and roads near the shoreline, making it difficult for them to find suitable nesting sites. In addition, plastic bags and other forms of debris that accumulate in the coastal waters can be mistaken for food by Leatherback turtles, leading to health problems or even death. 

To help protect these endangered animals, local conservation groups are working to reduce artificial lighting near nesting sites, as well as reduce plastic waste in coastal waters. With proper protection and conservation efforts, these gentle giants will have a
better chance at survival.

Leatherback turtles at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel

At Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel in Grande Riviere, Leatherback turtles can be seen between the months of March to August as they grace our beaches with their presence.

Here, on the quaint and relaxing shores, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, hundreds of Leatherbacks come to the shore each year, stirring the sand with their flippers to hide their treasured eggs under distinctive sand marks. Two months later, their offspring leave in thousands, scurrying back to the sea with their tiny flippers hard at work, answering an ancient call that only they can hear.

Guests of our ecolodge can witness the magic from their balcony, or take a quiet, careful trek to the shoreline under the guidance of our Tour Guides as we must always be mindful of preserving the habitat and handiwork of these awe-inspiring creatures.