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"People don't take trips, trips take people" - John Steinbeck

HADCO Experiences is excited and proud to be your partner in planning your holiday in our little sunshine-filled corner of the globe. There is a lot to see and experience in our beautiful country, and we encourage you to discover some of its treasures while you’re here!

With our eco-friendly accommodations, you will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy the unfiltered natural beauty and history of the ecolodges;  go bird-watching and hiking right outside our doorsteps and learn about the measures that we are taking to preserve the flora and fauna in our environment.

 Our approach is very simple yet meaningful; to provide our guests and visitors with rejuvenating and authentic experiences that embrace local cuisine, showcase local culture, and bespoke adventurous experiences while interacting responsibly with indigenous flora and fauna.

With our approach to hosting, curating experiences and celebrating events – complemented by our comfortable, eco-friendly destinations, you are sure to enjoy a truly authentic taste of what our islands have to offer.