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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

HADCO Experiences at Pawi Lodge in Grande Riviere stands as another timeless reminder of the natural beauty and diversity that our twin-island Republic has to offer.  

It has been refurbished to provide hikers, birders and nature enthusiasts with a genuine off-grid experience. 

Named after the endangered Trinidad Piping-guan, a turkey-like bird endemic to the heavily forested communities along Trinidad’s eastern coast, Pawi Lodge spans roughly 13 acres of land and is nestled within the cluster of nutmeg, cocoa and fruit estates, which are cared for by villagers; and for which these sizeable birds are known to frequent for feeding. 


The Pavilion at Pawi Lodge is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the serenity of the surrounding forests. You may even be fortunate to spot a Pawi bird as it traverses the treetops.

You can rent the Pavilion for the day and opt to include lunch with your booking.

Contact our Reservations Team for further information on customising your visit to the Pavilion.


The cottage at Pawi Lodge offers a rustic escape from urban life.

Situated at the top of a hilly trail, this property does not have a local electricity supply, but a generator is available for those who wish for added comfort during their stay.

It contains 11 single beds and 2 double decker units and is suitable for hikers needing an overnight stay after their trek into the neighbouring forest.