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Turtle-Watching Safety

Turtle-watching is as sensitive and delicate an experience, as it is enchanting. 

Mindful of this and of the fact that these majestic giants are an endangered species, it is important that visitors and guests take all precautions so as to not disturb the animals and to protect and enhance their nesting sites. As such:

  • Always use an experienced tour guide, who understands the terrain and can mitigate any perceived or unexpected risks to the turtles and human life.
  • It is advised that comfortable shoes and warm clothing be worn at night.
  • Limit the consumption of food and/or the use of disposable ware during your wait. Additionally, do not attempt to feed the sea creatures.
  • Avoid the use of flashlights or any other devices that emit white light, since this can cause the turtles to become distressed. As such, photos should also be taken without flash. Cameras which are equipped with infrared lenses are preferred.
  • Limit movements and sounds. Turtles are very easily startled and will return to the sea without laying their eggs if they sense any disturbance. Your tour guide will relay where it is best to stand, which is usually to remain behind the nesting mother and out of her line of sight. If the turtle shows any signs of distress, move away immediately.
  • Allow hatchlings to emerge and proceed to the ocean on their own. Avoid touching or redirecting them unless it is an extreme case of imminent danger. Follow the advice of your tour guide.
  • Do not sit on the sea turtles or attempt to lift or touch them in any manner. For activities that involve the tagging of the turtles, your local tour guide will also give instructions.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to experience the beauty of turtle-watching.