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Art is the journey of a free soul.

At HADCO Experiences, we aim to showcase the incredible talent of our local artists and artisans.

When you visit HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre or Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, you will encounter many unique pieces of artwork adorning our walls that have been created by local artists for your enjoyment. Most of these pieces are for sale by the respective artist, allowing you to take home a special piece of our beloved island with you. 

All pieces on sale are featured on our website and you can contact our front desk during your stay or email/call us to purchase.

Artist: Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is a visual and musical artist, sports promoter, motivational speaker, and a former National cyclist of Trinidad and Tobago. He has also served as a cycling administrator, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee Executive Member and a recipient of the Humming Bird Medal (HBM) Gold national award for his contribution to the local society.

Much of his art centers on depictions of old architecture and wildlife and nature scenery through the mediums of water colours and acrylics.

Click here to view his artwork for sale from HADCO Experiences.

Artist: Jonathan Solis

Jonathan Solis or Jono, as he is more frequently called, is an artist and illustrator whose art is inspired by his environment and relationship to it. 

The vibrant colours of the Caribbean lends itself to his art, often combined with a love of fantastical and philosophical themes.

See his displayed works of art for sale here.

Artist: Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries

 Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries, or “Flossy” as she is referred to by friends and family, was born in Trinidad in 1956. She was “totally” consumed by art from a young age, something that made studying Fine Art in Canada with a Painting Major, a natural choice.  After completing her studies, she returned to Trinidad where she worked as a teacher for almost 20 years. During this time she painted sporadically, mostly on commissions and with the odd burst of energy. However, in 1997, Beverley resigned from her teaching post and migrated to Jamaica with her family where they lived for a few years before relocating to St. Lucia in 2000. 

Living in St. Lucia gave her the blank canvas to start again. Since her move she attended a number of workshops in neighbouring Barbados before returning to Trinidad where she currently lives and works. 

Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas and she enjoys spending her time depicting the florid tropical surroundings of her homeland with her signature Fauve use of colour. 

Explore her works of art that are on display at our properties here.