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Our Story at HADCO Experiences


Live with appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

HADCO Experiences is the most recently established Division within HADCO Group of Companies, that is focused on driving eco-tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. Under this Division, we have HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel.

As a wholly owned local company, we are very passionate about our culture and our beautiful natural environment. This can be seen in many of our diversification efforts into the Recycling and Manufacturing sectors and our sponsorship of HADCO Phase II Pan Groove steel orchestra.

We love hiking and exploring our islands, we love the beaches and the rivers and the incredible biological diversity that can be found here. We love our islands, and the business of HADCO Experiences is to share some of the magic through curated experiences for people visiting our islands, people who want to unplug from their busy lives to relax and immerse themselves in nature, people who are passionate about culture and the environment.

We offer accommodations at the ecolodge at Asa Wright Nature Centre, Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel; and two Beach Houses in Mayaro. We are an experiential vacation company, creating entire bespoke vacation packages based on our customers’ desires and what they wish to experience in our beautiful twin-isle. Experiences such as birdwatching, hiking, turtle-watching as well as cultural experiences such as visits to pan yards to experience the steelpan outside of the Carnival season are included, among other activities.

Our involvement with Asa Wright Nature Centre is a natural result of our love for our country, for nature and the desire to protect and preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy. There is something special about Asa Wright Nature Centre. We have had great experiences there, and when the opportunity arose to invest in this project by managing the operations of the ecolodge, we knew we were up to the challenge. This is an investment of love, of pride in our country and what it has to offer. 

We have also completed renovations at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel in Grande Riviere and reopened our doors in 2023. This location is very special as it is a nesting site for the endangered Leatherback turtle.

Our two beach houses in Mayaro offer the perfect getaway and is ideal for a weekend or weekday away from urban living. 

Everyone is welcome as we endeavour to share the most authentic taste of Trinidad and Tobago. With emphasis on our rich biodiversity, outdoor activities, flavourful local cuisine, exhilarating festivals and year-round social events, we are on a mission to provide enjoyable, unforgettable and sustainable experiences that contribute to the promotion of our culture, and the preservation of our heritage and natural environment.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we make your wildlife vacation dream a reality. We can help you plan your journey before you even arrive or you can wake up every morning and let the day lead the way.


Just outside your window, right on your doorstep, 200+ species of birds, whose habitats have been boosted with special pollinator gardens which attract not just the birds but also the butterflies and the bees. 

With an eye on sustainability, HADCO Experiences is engaged with transforming the ecolodge’s operations to achieve international green certification. Carrying forward  the mission of conservation, supporting local communities, education, and research.

Guests will enjoy the comfort and convenience provided by modern technology, while relaxing in solitude in the natural wonders of the forest. Scientists, nature lovers, students and small families or lovers will find the ideal place to rest, recharge and enjoy an immersive eco-experience. 

Everyone is welcome! Enjoy the freedom of connecting with nature in ways you’ve never done before. Our guests do not need a pass or a permit for full access to our trails and waterfalls and natural bathing pools.

There are twenty-nine (29) rooms available for overnight accommodations, spread throughout the undulating terrain which previously housed a cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation, known as the Spring Hill Estate. 

There is so much to enjoy – from splashing in the refreshing Clearwater Pool, to hikes on the various trials set at just your pace, to forest bathing and lying in the sun, to savouring a cup of delicious cocoa tea after a day of adventure