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HADCO Experiences at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel

The trails lead in many directions: north, south, up to the mind, into the soul and through the body.

An ancient rainforest spills onto the beach at Grande Riviere and everyone and everything feels like home.

HADCO Experiences at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel is the perfect destination for nature lovers, and those with a taste for adventure. This rustic beachfront oasis is on the north coast of Grande Riviere in Trinidad. It is renowned for the highest density of nesting Leatherback turtles in the world. These majestic creatures grace our shores during the months of March to September each year and are a joy to behold.

The Northern Range is also home to several species of birds that are endemic to the island, including the “Trinidad Piping-guan” or Pawi. We look forward to welcoming you as you share in these incredible experiences and create amazing memories with us.

HADCO Experiences at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel is now open. Call or email to make your reservations.

From HADCO Experiences Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel guests are free to explore the diversity of these natural environments on their own, or with the support of friendly, knowledgeable guides.

There is much to enjoy including waterfalls, natural freshwater pools, secluded beach coves, birdwatching, hiking and forest exploration before being lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the Caribbean Sea waves lapping the shore.

You can enjoy the comfort and convenience provided by modern technology and enjoy the freedom of connecting with nature in a holistic and meaningful way.

There are twenty-one (21) rooms available for overnight accommodations set along the breathtaking North coast of the island. A front row seat to unequalled sunsets. The perfect location for slow, soft mornings.

We support our community’s turtle conservation efforts and guests also enjoy only the best, seasonal ingredients from our local farmers and fisherfolk. We actively support regenerative food systems with a priority on the health of our oceans, soils, and community. 

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we make your wildlife vacation dream a reality. We can help you plan your journey before you even arrive or you can wake up every morning and let the day lead the way.