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Serve with love always.

Our Team at HADCO Experiences looks forward to welcoming you! Their diverse pool of knowledge and experience is what drives us forward, ensuring that your experience will leave you with incredible memories. Each member supports our mission to safeguard and conserve our environment, demonstrating their status as true naturalists.

Become acquainted with the old and the new faces on our team!


 Warren has 24 years of experience in Hospitality Tourism and Hotel Management. His motivation stems from ensuring that all guests are satisfied and eager to return. 

The former board member of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism Association (THRTA) is always looking for ways to strengthen relationships through clear communication and high-quality service. 

Warren’s hobbies outside of the office include lawn tennis and rescuing stray animals.


Zaria’s enthusiasm for hospitality and tourism influenced her course of study, resulting in an MSc. Business Administration – Major Tourism.

She is passionate about eco-tourism and wishes to see Trinidad and Tobago reach its full potential in this field.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading, baking and hiking. 

DUTY MANAGER: Chantel Herbert

Chantel Herbert possesses a grave love for dealing with people.  Her positive and cheerful nature is very engaging. She dabbles in sustainable agriculture which she is very passionate about, and enjoys outdoor adventures such as hiking and going to the beach. Chantel’s warm personality is sure to make you feel right at home when you visit us!


DUTY MANAGER: Anisa Shah-Daniel

Anisa brings over six years’ experience in Sales and Customer Service to her role as Duty Manager at HADCO Experiences. She enjoys the challenge of learning new things and being part of the guest’s experiences that allow her to bring her love for Customer Service to the forefront. Anisa is thrilled to be a part of the unique experiences offered at our ecolodge and is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about new species of plants and animals at Asa Wright Nature Centre. 

DUTY MANAGER: Jacqueline Lobin

Jacqueline’s cheerful personality is sure to make you feel welcome when you visit our ecolodge. With over two decades of Culinary Experience and Customer Service in the Hotel/Tourism Industry, she contributes a pool of resources to the team to ensure guest satisfaction. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, visiting beaches throughout the island and watching movies.



HEAD CHEF: Patrick Sambrano

Patrick is our Head Chef at HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre and the mastermind behind the delicious meals we serve daily. He began his culinary journey at John Donaldson Technical Institute, which catapulted his career in the Cruise Line and Hotel industries.  In 2001, he made the decision to return to Trinidad and Tobago to share his international experience within his homeland. Over the years, Patrick has opened a couple of the leading restaurants in the country and was also privileged to work alongside some of the Top Chefs on Food Network as a volunteer.


Paulagean’s affinity for Customer Service and Hospitality contributes to her proven track record of analysing and improving the Housekeeping operations in her role at HADCO Experiences. Her qualifications extend from Human Resources Management, Supervisory Management, Project Management, and varying Computer Competencies.  

Paulagean ensures that her team maintains a high standard of cleanliness and service that will surpass your expectations during your stay at our ecolodge.



TOUR GUIDE/GROUNDSMAN: Loutan Mukesh Ramdass

Mukesh began Birdwatching and Landscaping at the age of 16. He has been a part of Asa Wright Nature Centre for the past 34 years, and is now a Tour Guide/Groundsman with HADCO Experiences. His specialties include daily guided tours at the Centre, lecturing on the exquisite flora and fauna and the enchanting history of Asa Wright, as well as after dinner walks and conducting the annual Christmas bird count.

TOUR GUIDE: Elizabeth Naipaul

Elizabeth has been in the Hospitality industry for over 25 years and has worked with Asa Wright Nature Centre since 2006. Born and raised in the village of Talparo, she brings to her role as Tour Guide a strong love for nature and protecting the forest and its many species of flora and fauna. She is known for her informative tours that dive deep into the history of the Centre and is thrilled to be a part of HADCO Experiences and the legacy of such a unique and special gem (AWNC) in our country.

TOUR GUIDE: Caleb Walker

Caleb has been a Tour Guide at Asa Wright Nature Centre for 13 years, a role he still holds now with HADCO Experiences. His many opportunities over the years such as representing the Centre at the British Bird Fair in Rutland, England, and completing a 6-month internship at Klamath Bird Observatory in Southern Oregon, USA, have equipped him with the skills to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests at HADCO Experiences.

TOUR GUIDE: Jeremy Lewis

Jeremy Lewis is an avid animal lover, with a special love for snakes. He spent over 10 years working in veterinary medicine, as well as participating in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation with a local conservation group. His passion for animals and wildlife conservation is his driving force for becoming a great nature tour guide at HADCO Experiences.