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The greatest good is what we do for one another.

Our team looks forward to welcoming you.

If you have stayed at Mt. Plaisir before, some of our lovely team members may already be familiar to you.
Their knowledge and years of experience serving at the hotel will ensure that your experience is nothing short of spectacular, filled with incredible memories. 

Each member supports our mission to safeguard and conserve our environment, demonstrating their status as true naturalists.

Meet the new as well as familiar faces on our Mt. Plaisir team.


Warren has 24 years of experience in Hospitality Tourism and Hotel Management.

His motivation stems from ensuring that all guests are satisfied and eager to return. 

The former board member of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism Association (THRTA) is always looking for ways to strengthen relationships through clear communication and high-quality service. 

Warren’s hobbies outside of the office include lawn tennis and rescuing stray animals.

Zaria Lynch-Lewis

Zaria’s enthusiasm for hospitality and tourism influenced her course of study, resulting in an MSc. Business Administration – Major Tourism.

She is passionate about eco-tourism and wishes to see Trinidad and Tobago reach its full potential in this field.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading, baking and hiking. 

Lydia Belliel

Lydia is our most experienced team leader at Mt. Plaisir, having worked in every department. As such, she no longer considers her role a job, but more a “passion.” She further shares that under the guidance of HADCO Experiences, she has been able to grow her existing skillset, which has deepened her love for regenerative tourism.

Lydia also describes herself as a highly sociable person, who enjoys cooking and entertaining loved ones.

Operations Supervisor:
Alicia Roberts

Alicia has been working in the Hospitality industry since 2002 and has spent those 22 years as an employee of Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel. 

She is described by many as being a person who is dedicated, hardworking and honest. Of herself, Alicia says that she is not afraid to try new things.  Her interactions with the guests of Mt. Plaisir are also some of the highlights of her job.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys cooking, looking at movies and of course, leisurely walks along the shores of Mt. Plaisir.

Guest Service Agent/Gift Shop Attendant:
Hannah James

Hannah is one of our youngest team members and has already proven to be a vital part of the family. 

She is a fast learner and given her infectious smile, she continues to work diligently at ensuring that all aspects of the guest experience at Mt. Plaisir are met. 

Hannah professes that she is an animal lover and always enjoys spending time with her loved ones and friends.  

kitchen supervisor:
Charmaine Charles

Charmaine has been with Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel for 24 years, of which 18 of those were spent as the Kitchen Supervisor and Chef. 

She loves working in the kitchen and preparing the fantastic meals that have made the hotel a favourite of guests. 

Charmaine has lived in Grande Riviere all her life and loves the beauty and tranquillity of her hometown.  

Brenette Coa

Brenette has been with Mt. Plaisir for over 18 years and is truly dedicated to ensuring that the rooms are immaculate before guests arrive and during their stay. 

She has always brought a sense of pride to everything she does and always has a smile on her face. 

She has welcomed the renovations and changes with open arms and takes immense pride in ensuring that her department is always ahead of the curve.  

Bartender / Server:
Simeon Cummings

Simeon is one of our newest team members and brings many years of bartending experience with him. 

A resident of Grande Riviere, Simeon laments having spent many years away from his community, to be able to find decent work. However, following the re-opening of Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, he has returned home and has found a nurturing space where he is able to perfect his craft and thrive amongst family, friends and well-wishers.

To date, Simeon has become very popular with our guests, who always comment on the creativity and flair that he puts into making their drinks. 

Tutankhamen Murai

King Tut as he is commonly known, is our in-house tour guide who is extremely knowledgeable about what Grande Riviere and environs have to offer, apart from our star attraction – the Leatherback turtles. 

Guests always have a fantastic time on tours with him as he often guides them to some of the most beautiful and picturesque spots.

His infectious personality makes for a warm welcome at our gate as a Security Officer when he is not on a tour.