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How to get there?

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  • From Piarco International Airport, head West and exit right at the roundabout, proceeding North to the Piarco Traffic Lights.
  • From there, make a right turn onto the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and proceed East until you reach the exit at Cumuto Road.
  • Exit left onto Cumuto Road and proceed North until you come to the Eastern Main Road on your right. 
  • Turn right onto the Eastern Main Road. Continue driving straight. The Eastern Main Road connects to the Valencia Main Road at the first roundabout.
  • Continue driving straight until you reach the Ojoe Road Connector Roundabout.
  • Continue driving straight at the next roundabout on the Valencia Main Road, sticking to the main road until you arrive at the Toco Main Road. 
  • Turn left onto the Toco Main Road and keep driving for about an hour until you reach the Paria Main Road. Turn left onto Paria Main Road and drive for about 1 hour and 15 minutes until you come to Hosang Street on your right.
  • Turn right onto Hosang Street. You will see the sign that says Welcome to Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel on your left closer to the end of the road.  

2 hr 20 min (84.7 km)
via Toco Main Rd

Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel