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Live with appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

The beginning of captivating experiences.

HADCO Experiences is a destination management company that falls under the most recently established Division within HADCO Group of Companies, the Experiences Division; which is focused on driving eco-tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. 

In 2021, HADCO Experiences won the concession to manage the operations of the ecolodge at Asa Wright Nature Centre. The company also manages the operations of Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, Pawi Lodge and Mayaro Beach Houses.

As a wholly owned local company, HADCO Group is very passionate about our culture and our beautiful natural environment. This can be seen in many of our diversification efforts into the Recycling and Manufacturing sectors and our support of the local steelpan industry.

We enjoy hiking, exploring our islands and bearing witness to the incredible waterfalls, magnificent beaches and rivers, as well as the incredible biological diversity that can be found here. We love our islands, and the business of HADCO Experiences is to share some of the magic through curated experiences for visitors to our islands, as well as local residents, who want to unplug from their busy lives to relax and immerse themselves in nature – people who are passionate about culture and the environment.

Everyone is welcome as we endeavour to share the most authentic taste of Trinidad and Tobago.

With emphasis on our rich biodiversity, outdoor activities, flavourful local cuisine, exhilarating festivals and year-round social events, we are on a mission to provide enjoyable, unforgettable and sustainable experiences that contribute to the promotion of our culture, and the preservation of our heritage and natural environment.


Our involvement with Asa Wright Nature Centre is the natural result of our love for our country, for nature and the desire to protect and preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy.

There is something special about Asa Wright Nature Centre. We have made great memories here, and when the opportunity arose to invest in this project by managing the operations of the ecolodge, we knew we were up to the challenge.

This is an investment of love and of pride in our country and what it has to offer.



HADCO Group was the first choice for Piero Guerrini, the former owner of Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, when he decided to sell the property.  Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel was acquired in 2021 and renovated; and the doors to this rural hideaway were reopened in November, 2023.

In the design and renovation process, we have maintained as many elements of the original structure as possible, so as to preserve the history and charm of the original hotel.

The location of Mt. Plaisir is  incredibly special, as it sits on the shores of the beach that is renowned worldwide as being the highest density nesting site for the endangered Leatherback turtle in the world.


Our two beach houses in Mayaro have long been a part of our real estate portfolio, and have provided many wonderful years of fun and memories for us and other guests who have stayed here. 

We are pleased to add these accommodations to HADCO Experiences, as they offer the perfect getaway and are ideal for a weekend or weekday away from urban living.


Pawi Lodge in Grande Riviere is another property that is ideal for spending the day or overnighting for avid birders and hikers visiting the area.

Take a break and lounge in the verandah while you enjoy a meal. Enjoy the ambience of the forest as you breathe in the crisp air. You may just be lucky to spot an endangered Pawi in the nearby trees!