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At HADCO Experiences, we believe in the power of collaboration to ensure the best experiences possible for our guests. We have partnered with some of the top service providers in the eco-tourism industry to create experiences that are second to none.

From experiences such as Birding, Hiking and Turtle-watching to Coast and Cultural Tours, you are assured a  memorable experience.

Whether you want to go hiking in the rainforests of the Northern range, set off in search of rare birds, take a boat tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, or delight your tastebuds with our delicious local cuisine; HADCO Experiences will liaise with our partners to curate a trip that will leave you in awe of the many treasures you will witness in our beautiful country.




Faraaz Abdool is a freelance wildlife photographer, writer, speaker, and poet based right here in Trinidad & Tobago. Focusing mainly on birds, his work has been widely published both digitally and in print.

He also functions as a marketing agent for several international birding destinations in addition to guiding birders within our country.

Faraaz considers ecotourism a valuable asset for habitat and biodiversity conservation, and this plays a pivotal role in the bespoke, transformative itineraries he crafts, which lean heavily on the principles of wellness and community, within which food and feeling are only accentuated by the birds.


Emile Serrette is a certified Tour Operator and an outdoor adventurer. He embarks on numerous nature trails and historical sites in Trinidad and Tobago and has devoted his life to exploring the beauty of our country.

He is an avid reader of the history of Trinidad and Tobago and takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge of the people and places during historical tours which he offers.

First Aid Certification and Water Safety Training are among his credentials since safety is the hallmark of his success. He delights in ensuring that you have an unforgettable experience as you enjoy the hidden gems of our enthralling country with him.


Mario Russell is the owner of the popular hiking group, Island Hikers, which was founded in 2010. He organises weekly hikes to various destinations in the Northern Range. He has been hiking the trails of Trinidad and Tobago for the past 30 years and has extensive knowledge of the Northern Range with its numerous peaks, rivers, and waterfalls.

He also organises overseas tours to the Caribbean Islands, South, and Central America. Apart from hiking, his passion is also bird photography and as such, he travels to many countries to get pictures of exotic birds.

He also coordinates hiking events that attract both local and foreign visitors and ensures that clients are safe and satisfied. He is passionate about nature and the protection of wildlife. His ambition is to showcase the secret gems of Trinidad and Tobago, which are still unknown to many.


Richard Lewis is an emphatic lover of outdoor activities, namely hiking. With over 40 years of experience, he has developed a great love for nature, with close to 40 years camping, hiking, and participating in other outdoor activities.

His hiking experiences cover local and international territories including some Caribbean Islands, and North and South American countries. Some of his most memorable are hiking the trail to Machu Picchu, climbing Kaieteur Falls, and visiting the Galapagos Islands.

He is currently the Team Lead in a hiking organisation with 8 other outdoor enthusiasts who share similar ideals, goals, and inspirations of nature. He derives great joy from sharing the beauty of nature with others and seeing them enjoy nature in all its glory.


Lester Nanan comes from a family of environmentalists where the movement started as early as 1920, when his grandfather, Simon Oudit Nanan began petitioning the Government to save the wetlands and the Scarlet Ibis in Trinidad.  His petitions were successful and eventually became law in 1948.

The Caroni Swamp was later renamed after his father Winston Nanan, who struggled all his years to put the Caroni Swamp on the world map and transform it into a very sustainable and world-famous tourist attraction. Lester started birding as early as 17 years old when he would assist his father in documenting species in the Caroni Swamp and then later, the wider Trinidad and Tobago.

At the age of 22, he left the field of electrical engineering and joined the family’s business in which he excelled; and has since lead several bird watching expeditions around Trinidad and Tobago. He is an explorer, adventurer, a naturalist and conservationist.

Over the years, he has acquired a vast amount of knowledge on the country’s natural history and educates visitors on conservation and preservation towards obtaining a more sustainable lifestyle. His mission is to ensure that the Caroni Swamp becomes an environmentally sensitive area so that all animals that enter the swamp are protected.

Lester works together with conservation organisations, protected area managers, government agencies, the tourism board, tour operators and guides throughout the country, to develop sustainable tourism opportunities around bird watching and nature while at the same time working to build the demand for bird watching, photography and natural tourism.


Josh is a co-founder and the primary architect behind Bajnath Estate Hummingbird Sanctuary, which is nestled within Matura National Park in Trinidad. He is also a self-taught naturalist and full-time tour guide, who passionately lives his truth.

This truth or rather, his passion for nature is evident when one considers that Josh’s vision for Bajnath Estate was not only driven by his fascination with “insects, birds and butterflies,” but the realisation that his curiosity and insight could be channeled into a sustainable venture for his family and the community of Matura. This includes his charismatic wildlife photography skills with a special focus on birds.

Whether you prefer the charm of the Hummingbird Garden or crave adventure across the unbeaten path, Josh is certain to make your experience worthwhile.