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Fortunate we are indeed, to call this earth, this beautiful planet, wonder beyond compare, home.

At HADCO Experiences, we’re on a mission to provide awe-inspiring, sustainable, wildlife experiences that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, preserving heritage, cultural diversity and improving the lives of local communities, while providing a learning experience for all.

We are avid supporters of our Agricultural industry and honour the hard work of our local farmers and fishermen by purchasing produce and fish for our restaurant, supporting their work and our communities.

Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem whereby all our partners, guests and other stakeholders can interact with each other; understanding that we are all interdependent, all parts of a greater whole; and our effect on our environment and each other should leave a positive impact at every touchpoint.

We are passionate about strengthening and caring for our community, which includes our guests. Hiring in local communities and supporting local economies are important to us. 

Traditional knowledge is an invaluable resource. 

We look forward to sharing it all with you.

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Celebrating our Biodiversity

This island’s Northern Mountain Range is revered by nature seekers the world over due to its free roaming wildlife and a variety of trails, waterfalls, rivers, streams, and caves. There is always something to discover and these irresistible shores continue to draw explorers from all over the world. 

The secret of our abundance lies in the energy of these islands. A truly infectious, unlimited resource fuelled by the passion of its people and its wild beauty. This island is a melting pot of cultures and influences with deep roots, evident in our creative expression and the multiplicity of festivals that dot our annual calendar. 

Species of Mammals
Species of Freshwater Fish
Types of Amphibians
Species of Reptiles
Species of Birds
Types of Marine Fish

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Asa Wright Nature Centre remains dedicated to its ongoing education and conservation work.

Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel

Your support sheds light on the conservation of the endangered Leatherback turtles.

Pawi Lodge

Visit us to learn more about the conservation of the endangered Trinidad Piping-guan (Pawi).