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Healing Landscapes

There was a time when Caribbean homes were constructed with all natural materials. One of the reasons archaeologists have not been able to uncover large sites with established evidence of the ancient civilisations is because their building materials were all biodegradable.

Ajoupas, small single room huts, which stood on short stilts, were constructed with forest hardwood frames, palm leaves for roofs and walls made of mud and grass. The simplified construction made it easy to recover after a natural disaster and repairs could be made with materials freely available in the forest.

With industrial development, came the increased use of stone, brick and then steel and concrete. These structures now dominate the landscape. Most of the materials still come from the land but our structures are far more imposing than those built by our ancestors.

It is impossible to miss. From the verandah of HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre you can see, the economy of extraction has left a visible scar.

Versatile, extremely durable and sought after blue limestone, sharp sand and gravel is quarried in the Northern Range and used in building projects all over Trinidad and Tobago. Raw material extraction always creates an impact on the environment, but it is not impossible for these industries to reduce their impact.

In fact, we are working with our neighbours to regenerate the land and bring it back to life. It will take some time but the scar on the landscape will one day be healed.

This is why our work of helping others to reconnect with nature is important. By healing our connection with nature we can learn to look at our environment in new ways and perhaps imagine a future that is not so dependent on extraction.

HADCO Experiences has taken great care to collaborate with our community and our environment to provide a safe space for everyone to feel nurtured. Through our example we are hoping to inspire others to work with the land to create a sustainable future.

You support this dream of a more sustainable future when you book your stay at any of our eco-destinations.

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