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How to get there?

You are one step closer to your destination.

  • From Piarco International Airport, head West and exit right at the roundabout, proceeding North to the Piarco Traffic Lights.
  • From there, make a right turn onto the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and proceed East until you reach the exit at Demerara Road. 
  • Exit left onto Demerara Road, and proceed North where you will meet the intersection of the Eastern Main Road.
  • Continue North onto the Arima Bypass Road which will lead to the Arima Blanchisseuse Road.
  • Drive carefully through the winding roads until you come to the sign that says Welcome to Asa Wright Nature Centre and HADCO EXPERIENCES on your left.
  • Drive directly to the intercom on your right and press the button to speak to security, who will confirm your details and open the gate to allow you access. 
  • Drive along the winding path until you reach the entrance to the ecolodge, where security will direct you to park and then to the Main House Reception Area.

47 min (23.7 km)
via Arima Old Rd and Blanchisseuse Rd

Spring Hill Estate, PO Box 4710, Arima