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Things to do in Trinidad

Life is about the adventures you take and the memories you make.

Experience the rich, vibrant culture and natural wonders of our beautiful islands.

Trinidad and Tobago beckons travellers with its vibrant blend of culture, natural beauty and warm hospitality that are sure to make you fall in love.

Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, pulsates with a magnetic energy and is globally renowned for its annual Carnival celebration, which is affectionately called, “the greatest show on earth.”

During that period, the streets of Trinidad come alive with colourful and innovative costumes, the sound of the steelpan reverberates in the air and the season’s annual crop of soca and calypso, can be heard blasting from large, decorated trailer trucks and similar vehicles on the road, with a spirit of revelry that is energetic and unrivalled.

The island’s diverse heritage is also reflected in its flavourful cuisine, which can be described as a mouthwatering fusion of its European, African and Asian colonial history, that have now taken on a life of its own and is uniquely, Caribbean. Come tantalise your tastebuds with delicacies such as doubles, roti, crab and dumplings, sumptuous seafood delights and a menagerie of other delectable dishes.

Meanwhile, Tobago offers visitors a more tranquil escape, boasting of pristine beaches with inviting azure waters that are perfect for diving and snorkelling. The lush rainforests teeming with wildlife also offer visitors a serene escape. It is easy to become captivated by the laid-back charm of the sister isle while exploring historic forts, picturesque villages and scenic trails and waterfalls. With an abundance of flora, fauna, and natural ecological treasures, Trinidad and Tobago is a truly special place.

We invite you to create your own experiences as you explore the offerings of our beautiful country.

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