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Welcome to our Mayaro Beach Houses.

Life's a beach.

Past the towering coconut trees and into the eye of clear blue skies, a scenic drive along Trinidad’s south-east coast, will eventually lead you to Mayaro, one of the island’s most popular holiday destinations for families and expatriates. A sizeable county, Mayaro is encompassed by a vast bay and lush forest, within which a quaint cluster of rural villages exist. Mayaro is also home to the renowned Ortoire River, to which travellers and villagers flock to witness its shimmering incandescent lights. All in all, Mayaro provides a scenic and low-key gateway for creating a memorable vacation experience.
HADCO Experiences offers access to 2 seaside properties, each of which stands individually, adjacent to each other. The decor is reminiscent of a provincial lifestyle with a touch of modern amenities.
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Our Mayaro Beach Houses are located at Frontin Road, Mayaro.

With two fully-equipped standalone houses, you can bring the whole family for a weekday or weekend getaway in south-east Trinidad.