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HADCO Experiences Launches Our First Event

HADCO EXPERIENCES launches Event Experiences with A Creole Christmas Gift at NAPA. A Creole Christmas Gift: Concert and Cocktails, featuring 7-time Grammy award winning Jazz pianist Chucho Valdés and Guggenheim Fellow Etienne Charles, is a once in a lifetime event that signals HADCO Experiences’ expansion from authentically Trinbagonian ecotourism experiences into the premium event experiences […]

Grande Riviere Leatherback Turtles Conservation & Watching


Grande Riviere is a breathtaking destination nestled along Trinidad’s Northern Range. This remarkable bay, renowned for its pristine beaches and abundant wildlife, serves as a sanctuary for the endangered Leatherback turtles. Join HADCO Experiences as we delve into the conservation efforts of the local community, the nesting rituals of the turtles, and the symbiotic relationship […]

Embrace the Authentic Charm of the Northern Range Trinidad

Northern Range Trinidad

Even though the Asa Wright Nature Centre is not at the centre of the Northern Range Tinidad geographically, this might as well be the case. For the inhabitants of the surrounding villages of Arima, Morne La Croix, Brasso Seco/Paria, Caura and Blanchisseuse, the Asa Wright Nature Reserve has been central to their lives. The AWNC […]

Discover Grande Riviere: Harmony Between Humans & Turtles Prevails

Mt Plasir Beach View

Welcome to Grande Riviere, a picturesque village nestled along Trinidad’s North Coast, where the ocean meets a thriving community deeply connected to the magical world of sea turtles. As you drive along the Paria Main Road, past the Grande Riviere Bridge and turn right onto Hosang Street, you’ll find yourself stepping onto the Grande Riviere […]

Guiding with Love- Trinidad Tour Guides

Trinidad Tour Guides

There’s an old proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” During your stay at HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre, you’ll embark on a journey far beyond the ordinary, guided by our knowledgeable and passionate Trinidad Tour Guides. They’ll not only show […]

Community Connections

People sorting beans

The work of reinvigorating the ecolodges at Asa Wright and Mt. Plaisir isn’t just about landscaping and a new coat of paint. We wanted to make an investment in the community that was more than cosmetic. We wanted to boost the entire ecosystem. The first thing we did was walk the land. We took to […]

Healing Landscapes

There was a time when Caribbean homes were constructed with all natural materials. One of the reasons archaeologists have not been able to uncover large sites with established evidence of the ancient civilisations is because their building materials were all biodegradable. Ajoupas, small single room huts, which stood on short stilts, were constructed with forest […]