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Piping Guan and Birding -  The Montevideo Trace Tour

(Maximum Number – 10 Persons) 

The Piping Guan, which is locally known as the Pawi, is a large turkey-like bird that is primarily found in remote parts of Trinidad, such as Grande Riviere. It is one of Trinidad’s two endemic species and was once hunted to near extinction. The Piping Guan has been the focus of considerable local conservation efforts that have resulted in a gradual increase in its numbers and visibility.

You will be invigorated by an early morning hike up Montevideo Trace to Pawi Lodge, where guests will have access to a lovely platform among the nutmeg trees, where the Piping Guan can be found having its first feeding, quietly. As the sun rises, the tour takes you further into the surrounding forest to find other species such as Woodpeckers, Kites and Trogons.

TT $603.00 per person or US $90.00 per person