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Karen De Verteuil

A self-taught Artist with a special love for Trinidad.

Karen De Verteuil was born in  San Fernando, Trinidad and educated at St Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando as well as Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada.

She has exhibited her work every two-three years at 101 Art Gallery. and held group shows with Sundiata & Hinkson, Greer Jones Woodham & Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries and at The Art Society Workshops with James Isiah Boodhoo, Lisa Henry Choo Foon, Melinda Cootsona (Cold Wax Workshop/North Carolina).

Karen De Verteuil

Karen’s works are almost exclusively in Oil on Canvas and, recently, Oil with Cold Wax on Board. The subject is varied and essentially a vehicle for experimentation. The goal is to design a cohesive work, creating interesting shapes and spaces and playing with colour and quality of brush strokes. 

Often there is colour over colour with thin washes contrasting with thick opaque brush strokes. Shape and negative space is central to the overall design making the placement of the subject matter on the canvas an important feature. 

A limited palette keeps the colours pure and, hopefully, adds cohesion, while strong lines add to the overall impact of her work.


Title: Over the Road

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 38" x 18"

A captivating piece depicting the various hues of foliage surrounding a road.

Price: TTD $14,000.00

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